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FOV is an 1-stop IP development in Hong Kong driving sustainable growth with relevance creativity, clear messaging and strict consistency.

By integrating all of those major disciplines, FOV is not only able to conceptualize ideas, but to make them a viable business. We have specialists from areas of Brand Communication, Animation Production, Script Writers and Creative Artists, working all integrated under one roof. The result is the creation of meaningful solutions that succeed in activating customers.

Our clients range from new startups, IP owners and multi-national companies in the digital entertainment, TV, online media production and publishing enterprise.

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Defining scope

A clear tone of voice

We care deeply about the clarity of our message and way we deliver it. This guides every pieces of concept, story, message and visual style into a relevance experience that is intuitive and meaningful to our targeted customer.

FOV Group

Result-proven Process

Our 15 years of production experience in brand building, advertising, software development, animation production and project delivery, the approach we take to each of our projects guarantee you a pleasant and a reliable experience.

FOV Group
Roll-out and maintenance

Feedback and coordination

We are all ear to your feedback and suggestion so we can have a better understand of the situation and local insights. This enable us to evaluate strategically and provide update, cost control and maintenance that benefits directly to your on-going business.


Our expertise in project management providing full service from an idea, story development to the execution of all types of production with excellence.

Our Culture

We take a human-centered, design-based approach to help organizations innovate and grow.


Our company founder Steven Cheng, brings over 20 years of professional experience in Brand Building, IP Development and Creative production. He received his Executive Master of Arts from Kingston University, London, and a former regional marketing officers for the GREAT Campaign, the UK government’s most ambitious international promotional campaign.

Prior founding FOV, he has held numerous executive project leadership and senior management positions at many startups Company – Media Design Labs, Unanico Group and more.

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